With A-Th, outplacement extends far beyond the simple search for a new job. 

Nowadays, a wide range of tools for applying for jobs is freely available on the web.  The added value of A-Th is much less in “doing” than in reflection and associated questioning. Doing is not enough, you must also manage to position yourself!  


Thus, with their strongly psychological approach, our team of Human Resources consultants considers all redundancies as opportunities to reconsider, reposition and/or redirect careers etc.

An individual’s personal work may then lead to a new awareness of their values, forms of behaviour and motivation, etc.

This introspective and lucid approach will make it possible to change towards other ways of functioning personally and professionally or even to change one’s outlook on life. 

A management and negotiation tool

From the very start of the severance process, A-Th gives you the support you need to meet your moral, societal and legal obligations in the best way possible.


Flexible, tailor-made formulas:

Full individual outplacement (CCT 51) – Outplacement for a limited time – General scheme (> 30 weeks’ notice) – Special scheme (CCT 82bis for those over 45) or integrated into an employment unit.

These are intended for all categories of personnel (manual, intellectual, executive and managerial), for all ages and all sectors of activity.

Contact us.  Depending on the scheme, we have model letters available for transmission to your employee. 

Dare to make changes with support

With A-Th, outplacement is more than just a tool for employment:

The better your skills profile, the more strategic your level of outplacement will be:

  • Our questioning during the personal and professional assessment phase will be more detailed;
  • We shall draw up a precise roadmap of your skills and compare them to the needs of the market;
  • We shall help you to position yourself strategically on the market and activate a maximum number of networks;
  • For some people, this will also involve envisaging starting an independent activity or creating or repurchasing a company.

As regards operational profiles, our help will be pragmatic and will focus on the tools that are effective for finding a job: writing a CV and cover letters, making applications, managing interviews, successfully passing tests, negotiating a contract etc. 

For people taking early retirement: discovering new paths for new life projects