A continuing history

A-Th began when André Thioux bounced back following an unexpected dismissal after beginning a promising career in human resources.  At the time, his soul-searching led to a new idea:  the creation of a pioneer outplacement company in Belgium, A-Th & Associates, in 1984.

His concern was to help people and companies in their development and their social role, and he was convinced of the importance of support in the processes of change and professional development.

Over a quarter of a century later, he handed his company on to his children, Christine and Serge Thioux, who are both psychologists.  With their team of consultants, this second generation retains their enthusiasm for the purpose and the importance of the support role in companies, in increasingly complex economic contexts and environments.  

So our vision is, at key moments, to provide close support:

  • to organisations, in order to contribute actively to the development of their future;
  • to men and women, in order to bring to fruition their vocational and personal projects.

We have a fleeting role in the life of companies and of people at work.  It is our task to provide a qualitative and quantifiable added value in order to find the right balance between the needs of people and organisations.