HR Advice and Strategies

Do you need a one-time support from an HR expert for a specific project?

A-Th provides support for:  

HR tools

For growing SMEs, once they reach a critical size and begin to feel the need for HR structuring.  

A-Th offers specific projects for implementing the fundamentals of HR, tailored to a SME:

  • Redefinition of the framework and the limits of functions by the organisation chart and evolving job descriptions;
  • Objective-led system of staff assessment and development;
  • Consistent pay structure;
  • System of internal communication and formalized “reporting”.

Temporary HR

For growing SMEs, once they reach a critical size and begin to feel the need for HR structuring.  They are too small to employ a full-time DHR, but too large for the managing director alone to take on all the staff problems.  


A-Th can provide a temporary, part-time senior consultant, a former DHR of a multinational company, who will instantly manage HR problems, effectively and more cheaply.  

Social dialogue

Our senior consultants provide support and information concerning your rights and obligations in the various bodies (CE, CPPT, DS etc.), to establish effective communication and dialogue with trade union organisations, to preserve a harmonious social climate. 

Restructuring strategy

In partnership with a law firm specialised in employment and labour law:

During preparation:

Management support during its preparatory strategic planning stage – information about legal obligations – training in how to manage redundancies correctly.

At key moments:

  • Strategic and legal advice in negotiations with social partners.
  • Support for internal communication.
  • Precise legal monitoring of the Renault law.
  • Participating in establishing an employment unit (CPE) (mixed unit and redeployment unit).
  • Obligatory support in outplacement.


  • Re-designing the restructured organisation.
  • Establishing and monitoring internal mobility and reorganisation.
  • Programme of remotivation for those who remain.