Coaching / Career Management

Do you want to raise the level of management, leadership and assertiveness of your coaching?

A-Th offers coaching courses on assuming a new or higher position, professional development coaching, coaching for transfer into a matrix organisation, team coaching, conflict coaching etc.


A-Th guides you throughout the process:

  • Analysis of the issues of the system and reformulation of the question;
  • Establishing customised coaching based on specific objectives;
  • Including the various levels of hierarchy in the approach;
  • The final summary and future paths of development.  

Do you want to help people develop internally, redesign skills and promote mobility?

A-Th offers you skills and inplacement assessments, either by monitoring development interviews, or in the context of calls for applications or internal promotions relative to the needs of the organisation.


Our career management interventions are always custom made; they allow a critical and constructive external perspective and guarantee the neutrality of decisions, a strategic solution vis-à-vis all stakeholders.

Training courses

Concrete and practical tools (empowering leadership, managing difficult people, management by objectives, motivational tools etc.) to help your first level of control to develop their skills as Managers (as opposed to "super operators").


Training for those in charge of interview techniques: assessment / dismissal / recruitment.

Analysis of the context and issues; practical, juridical and psychological aspects of interviews; emotional management of difficult messages. 


Group training for team leaders in management techniques: prior to an individual coaching approach.