Business Strategy

Do you want to innovate and/or launch a start-up?

Do you want to develop and expand your company?


We can provide you with advice and guidance thanks to our long experience of management both nationally and internationally.


We cannot and do not want to take decisions in your place, but we want to help you to see things in perspective, to be your partner in your decision-making process, and to keep you informed about what is happening elsewhere.


It is not a matter of dealing with these aspects of company management in an academic way, but rather of implementing customised solutions that are adapted to the specific nature of your situation.

  • Creating a company and monitoring indicators: business plan and dashboards.
  • Development and expansion of the business: analysis of competition, segmentation, sub-segmentation of the market.
  • Reorganisation when a critical size is reached: structure and staff numbers.
  • Mergers and acquisitions / divestments, transmissions: targets, due diligence, valuation, financing plans, negotiations, integration.

  • The process of major organisational change  involving matrix organisation, multicultural and multinational environment.
  • Implementing operational excellence: Lean, Six sigma.
  • Advice on managing restructuring.